Nightstalker: 8ball – 6/12/2013

I was always wondering how it would be if i ever got to see a true rockstar from 10 meters live.
But being a kid in a small town in Northern Greece, I was sure that i would stick to wondering for a long time.

Until suddenly 2 years after i got out of said town, i was convinced to go to a gig of a band i had only heard by name.
That band was Nightstalker.

You know how it feels that you are witnessing a true rock star doing his thing (rocking out that is) on a stage 100 meters away from you and you are 20?
It feels AWESOME!
There i was, at the middle of a nearly sold out 8ball in a fucking Nightstalker gig. (Maybe it wasnt nearly sold out, but in my head it sure was.)
The music that night showed me a side of music i hadnt appreciated by then. I wont even try to describe it.

And i ve been to a couple Nightstalker shows over the past years since then and i often try to see them again, like the latest one at 8ball with the Darkstar on December 6th.
I guess now that the bass player is fired from Rotting Christ, Nightstalker have to be busy.
Not that any fan would mind.
New record and lots of gigs all over Greece this year, is a treat for a fan.
So i also guess that it makes sense that i found them a little tired and bored. They had still a memorable performance in front of a this-time-definetely sold -out crowd.
And the crowd was hungry, so the Stalkers managed to pull a pretty good professional performance.
I sure had a good time.
And the playlist was pretty good. And of course i wont even try to remember the playlist either.
I know that they started with two songs from Ritual because the nice fellow metalhead i barely know, shouted to me at the top of his lungs:”oxi dyo seri apo to ritual re malakaaa!”(some things cant be translated) after the second one started.
And i know that they played this:

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