Monster Magnet: Tivoli – 17/2/14

I had never seen Monster Magnet Live before and I guess it is a bit strange to go to a Monster Magnet concert on 2014. I was not sure what to expect, I have Monster Magnet categorized as the stoner band, that “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” is its only motto. However, their latest album Last Patrol, which I had not listened before I booked the tickets, confused me. It’s sound is very relaxing, as well as psychedelic and while it sounds a lot like their first albums, it’s definetely not what you expect to hear on a Monster Magnet concert. It is not that I did not enjoy the album, I listened to it like a bazillion times in a few days, but like I said, it made me not to know what I am going to hear in the gig. Having these thoughts, I drunk a couple of jagermeister shots and rode my way to Tivoli.

I had never been to Tivoli and I faced two annoying facts. I had to pay for peeing as well as for wardrobe. I do not know if it is common in Netherlands but I definitely did not like it. I go in the club. While waiting for the support band I drunk a beer. The club was semi-full, I am very bad at estimating people but I will make a guess of about 600 people.

The support was Church of Misery. Church of Misery is a Japanese doom metal band and just thinking about it made me have a smirk on my face… My doom knowledge is narrowed down to two bands, My Dying Bribe and Katatonia. Initially their music enraptured me, they had a very strong powerfull entrance. However, after three songs I was starting to get bored… I guess there were lyrics in their songs but all I could hear was a never ending ohhhh-ohhhhhh. One of the things that I noticed during their performance, is that the bass guitar player was playing with the bass-guitar on his knee! Moreover the maximum allowed distance between his hands was always less than 5 frets. For example, left hand playing at 3rd fret, then the right hand could not be further than the 8th fret! Why? No fucking clue! Observation number two, the band was either playing with their backs turned on us or they have not invented hairbands in Japan! Silent hero of the band the drummer, the guy was a fucking metronome.

On the break between the band I socialized with a couple of stoned Dutch people and they even bought me a beer. It was quite a surprise since the beer was quite expensive. Althought I am not sure if they paid for it. Anyway…

The Monster Magnet came out, and they were quite overwhelming. They started with I Live Behind the Clouds, which is the first song of Last Patrol. I was not surprised and also it is not a bad idea to start slowly, I thought. However, they ended up playing 9 consecutive songs from this album. It is not that I did not enjoyed them, but definitely it was not what I was hoping for… And I think most of the people shared these feelings with me… After that, they went off the stage and came back. I would not call it encore, I would call it like two different parts of the live. As Dave said, “you did not think that we would play only songs of our latest albums right? Sometimes you want to relax and sometimes you want to flat out rock. And now it is time to flat our rock”. And they gave to us what we wanted. They played Twin Earth, Look to Your Orb for the Warning, Dopes to Infinity and the song that they cannot avoid playing, Space lord… The complete setlist can be found here.

In general I enjoyed the live and I would go again, but for all the fellows out there who are wondering if they should go to a Monster Magnet Concert. I will answer that if you expect a show equivalent to the one at Hurricane Festival in 2004, don’t bother…

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