Kvelertak – Meir

There are some songs that can motivate you and lift your spirits and get you ready to party and Kvelertak, as i can hear from their latest attempt, Meir, have found the way to write a bunch of them, without losing their Norwegian toughness and appropriate atmosphere.

My impression is that there were a lot of reviews about the latest album, that appear to be a bit underwhelming.
i cant understand why. First of all, the opening act of the album, Åpenbaring, now consists one of the most impressive and mind-blowing album-intros i have heard in years. The song slowly and increasingly builds up to levels that prepare you for whats coming. And the album picks up from there.
Among the next three tracks, Spring Fra Livet, Bruane Brenn and Trepan you definitely get the feeling you are inside a punk show, but at times you get confused by sprinkled sounds of atmospheric metal, both true and trve heavy metal and even sweet rock guitar solos.

Evig Vandrar reminds me of a on old song of the greek band Trypes, if anyone picks up what song i m talking about please share the link above. Both bands should be proud of the resemblance. #7 track, Månelyst, is the next overused musical theme for skate videos and deservedly so, and Undertro is another brilliant proof that Scandinavian countries are a lot closer to the desert that anyone would expect.

After the only skip-song of the album, Tordenbrak, the albums finishes with the self-titled song Kvelertak which is a pretty cool track and gives the MTV an excuse and an opportunity to air some cool bands for a change.

Could be the original soundtrack of: “This is the end”Seth Rogen definitely looks like he could be their bassist. Seth Rogen definitely looks like he could be their bassist.

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