Planet of Zeus – Vigilante

A track-by-track analysis of Planet of Zeus’s latest LP “Vigilante”:

1. The great Dandolos

Well, they cant go wrong if they start off their new album combining two of the latest trends among greek youngsters, heavy rock and poker.

Your dream’s to get a new home
My dream’s to have a fullhouse

Great song, I m sure it will be a fan favorite in no time.

2. Second coming

All in all, the first two songs showed me that P.o.Z. do love their Clutch and in this particular track, they really let it show. I am particularly happy that they chose the self-titled LP “Clutch” as their main influence so far in the album. Dont be fooled by the lead vocals’ raw power, the instruments methodically build a groove so Clutchy, I constantly expect Neil Fallon’s voice to make a sudden guest appearance.

3. A girl named greed

The fake southern accent of Babis may put off some people, but here it plays a crucial part in setting the proper tone for the song. The song itself starts in a bluesy way, only to be interupted by a glorious and angry chorus. At times, I get the feeling that they play like Black Stone Cherry but you know, with balls.

4. Burn this city down

Not a bad track, but I think i will enjoy it more when I hear it live. UPDATE: I totally did

5. Tornado

The one complain I have of Planet of Zeus is that, in my opinion, they have gradually lost that punk destroy-everything attitude they had at their debut album. Well, Babis really makes up for that in Tornado. Full of whiskey-fueled rage and accompanied by the (once again) brilliant grooves of his bandmates, he highlights the mark where I begin to realize that Vigilante will be, at worse, equivalent to its predecessor Macho Libre and believe me, that is no small feat.

6. No tomorrow

Apart from sharing the same name as one of our writers, No tomorrow is a slow-tempo grungy almost-ballad that reveals another side of the band’s songwriting. The song is full of great ideas and melodies that give us one of their most unique and beautiful songs to date.

7. Vigilante

The most straight-forward song of the album has rightfully its first video clip. Again, a lot of southern stuff going on, the accent, the mob shouts at the verses… Its catchy, its old-school and I really love the explosion of the voice going into the chorus, where the singer really shouts at the top his lungs and comes back to the verse with incredible ease and attitude.

8. Sky high heels

Aww, Kid Rock would be so proud..! Joking aside, its remarkable how the band has incorporated the dual vocal melodies so smoothly in their repertoire and this helps their songs to have a multidimensional feel throughout both this song and the whole LP.

9. Disappointment blues

Typical “stoner” track, suitable for that awkward slow headbanging which looks so cool when being performed by tens of metalheads in unison, but, try it alone in front of a mirror and you will be sorry you ever discovered Kyuss in the first place. Cool song though.

10. The beast within

No matter how many albums Planet of Zeus intend to put out in the future, no one will have a last song as badass as their debut’s last song Space Loop 430. I love that song so much that I am in no position to objectively judge the songs that close out their other albums. And it doesnt help that The beast within is, in my humble opinion, a mediocre song that follows an otherwise very strong album by the biggest right now metal band in Greece.

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