Above us the waves – Anchors aweigh

Greece has its fair share of great rock and metal bands troughout the last 30 years. But if you count out Rotting Christ and Septicflesh and a handful of others, none of them has ever reached a respectable size of international audience. And that never had anything to do with the quality of music they were making. Its simply because of the lack of the other things. The “little” things. I mean, if you ‘re given an album of a greek band and you are not aware that they are from Greece, odds are that you are going to know within the first minute of the first song. I dont know, its the accent, the sound, the production overall, everything…

Now that’s something that is simply not true about this Above us the waves album, Anchors aweigh. Just watch this video:

Damn, that was awesome… Thats how you make a fucking great video clip, the american way! They even followed the most important advice, every respectable band from the State follows: “The bass player should never have more than three seconds screen time in total”. Kudos indeed…

For the album itself, considering that it has been more than six months since its release, I haven’t got a lot to say, that hasn’t already been said. Yes, it’s a quality metalcore record and in the year 2014, that is something hard to come across, in Greece or anywhere else for that matter. Tracks like The Sirens, The Pleasures, This I Ever Get, Reclaim The Fate and Quentin’s View are the powerful highlights of a great debut album. I am especially impressed by the fact that I equally enjoy both the screams and the melodic choruses of the singer and I have to make a mention of the flawless production, the great-sounding guitars and the whole badass vibe this record reeks of.
More than that, the artwork is simply amazing (Mastodon-amazing) and I have already watched two bands live that had a member sporting the awesome T-shirt that comes with the CD.
All in all, a fantastic output from one of the most promising metal bands in Greece, a record that will never give away to anyone its greek origin. But I have to make this very clear: I am gonna have this CD in my car and in a steady rotation not because it’s good for greek standards but because a damn good record. Their american and swedish metal brothers would be very proud.

Look, they even have lyric video for crying out loud..!

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