1000mods to release their new album Vultures

On May 30th, 1000mods release their new album Vultures, which has been one of the most anticipated events in the greek metal community for 2014. We are talking about the band who has been a support band for Karma to Burn and Graveyard and has been selected by Billy Anderson(Sleep, Melvins, Neurosis, Orange Goblin etc…) to produce their last LP Super Van Vacation.

But, more good news: You can totally stream the whole album in 1000mods Bandcamp or, you know, here. I ‘ve listened to it a little bit and of course its very good. One thing though:

On 4.Horses Green, I finally knew how would Brant Bjork sound if he was in Nightstalker.
So, yeah…
Points for that.

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