System of a Down – Psycho live – Big Day Out 2002

Hello and welcome to the brand new column of, the Oldies column!

I ‘m sure you understand why we had to have a column about older bands and times. No matter how hot the next best technical death metal band is right now, people will always want to read news about the band they discovered in college or even in high school. So more clicks for us, yay..!

We start off with System of a Down’s performance of Psycho in Big Day Out, on 2002.
And the fact that I need to categorize a performance of 2002 as an “oldie” topic truly amazes me but I have to, since it’s been 12 fucking years. Anyways…

Once upon a time, System of a Down used to be the best metal band in the world. Weird, right? And on 2001, they released an album that in my humble opinion belongs easily in the 10 Best Metal Albums Of The 00s (One list I would like to write about, but I will never do.) And in the following tour, they were in the top of their game. Even Serj Tankian was almost always in key. Amazing stuff…

So this post is all about S.O.A.D’s performance of Psycho (13. in Toxicity) in Australia, on 2002.
The following video is definitely in my 10 Most Watched Videos since the begginning of youtube (Another list I would like to write about, but I will never do).

I can’t even listen to the studio version anymore. I really can’t. This is how this song is supposed to be. And even if Serj’s live singing isn’t your cup of tea, the song starts off with a bone-shattering, two-note bass intro, that bursts into this song’s beautiful paranoia. Also you can easily notice that the chemistry of the band was off the chart those days. Most importanly though, you can just listen to the Daron Malakian heart-breaking guitar solo that closes this amazing performance, which was definitely a highlight for their then-young career.
– Edit for readers under 17 years old: Dat solo tho

But I really can’t say enough about that solo… Obviously Daron wasn’t in his most sober period of his life, but that didn’t affect his ability to give us a truly epic, angry but sweet, two-minute guitar solo, during which, Serj Tankian was casually banging a haunting melody in the keyboards. After curling up in embryo pose and performing fake-electrocution, Daron finally rose up to end this amazing live song in triumph.

So, as the 80-year-old grandpa who lives in a small part of my brain would say:

“Bands.. They ain’t make em like in the good ol’ days…
– The 80-year-old grandpa who lives in a small part of my brain

Apparently the grandpa is from New Orleans.

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