Metal Guesthouse (revisited) – 21/11/2014

Defcon Fest is an annual festival in Athens that has slowly become a constitution in the greek metal scene and counts already 6 years of history. This year, it was headlined by freaking POEM! Any festival that closes out with those guys is pretty OK in my book.
Trailblazer Records, the guys behind Defcon Fest, is organizing Metal Guesthouse, yet another festival with a lineup that includes both well-known greek heavy bands and a few up-and-comers. I wish it has the success of its big brother. But apparently, judging from the lineup, I am not really wishing as much as I am expecting them to run a pretty badass event. It will take place at AN Club, on 21st November 2014.

Lucky Funeral (exclusive show, performing self titled album)
Speedblow (on the road again)
Madleaf (sick of the studio)
Fuel Eater (heavy rock from Patras, Greece)
Cellar Dogs (finest heavy/ groovy Athenian newcomers)

Lucky Funeral

Metal Guesthouse’s big name, Lucky Funeral is the embodiment of everything Down, Crowbar and even Pantera preached a couple of years ago. Already veterans of the scene, with three european tours under their belt, it is a safe bet that they are going to rip the place apart and offer a lot of sweet opportunities for some good, old-fashioned mosh-pit beneath the stage.
Besides, you can nothing but love a band that has written a song called My Dealer Is The Best.
They are going to perform their self titled album in its entirety and I am mostly looking forward to watch them play the self titled song out of that LP.


I was admittedly never a huge fan of classic heavy metal, but Speedblow surely make up for their preference for old music with their inspired double-guitar solos, their pure power of their music and of course that voice! I mean, dude! you ‘ve got some impressive pipes right there! In theory, they are a little incongruous with the rest of the lineup but I pity anyone who decides to sit back and order a beer instead of headbanging to this song:


Personally, the band I am the most excited to catch at Metal Guesthouse. You know you can’t go wrong if your songs are downtuned, groovy and sung by a Chris Cornell clone. “Sinners”, their 2008 debut, was a pretty awesome album and they are ready to release its follow-up. Also, Under My Head is definitely going to be the highlight of the festival.

Fuel Eater

Pure, fun, old-school, stoner metal! I really dig both their riffs and the voice and I am pretty sure they are going to be the perfect band to set up the scene for what is to come later in the gig.

Cellar Dogs

I caught Cellar Dogs opening for Planet of Zeus last year at Thessaloniki and even though I was extremely anxious to watch the headliners perform their latest album live, I remember myself being pretty impressed with the guys. I even remembered to like their facebook page the morning after. Also their logo is easily one of the most impressive logos I ‘ve ever seen from a local band. They dont have a bandcamp page for me to embed some music and while I could embed their youtube video, my OCD just doesnt allow me to do so, so I am going to give you the link to this sweet song instead.

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