Most Anticipated Metal Albums for 2016

2016 is upon us.

2016 is going to be awesome! From a musical standpoint at least, because the world apparently is going to shit… We are even going to have a Guns N’ Roses reunion!!!

But what about the new music we are going to hear this year? There are plenty interesting stuff coming out and even though nothing listed below is officially being released in 2016, these are the bands we, here at SuperMetal, are eager to listen to some new music from.

Nine Inch Nails

Nowadays, when I hear the name Trent Reznor, the first thing that comes to my mind isn’t Nine Inch Nails anymore. First, I remember his wife (NSFW, obviously), and then his Oscar. But NIN are a like a national treasure and you always have to appreciate new music from them. After all, “Nine Inch Nails are the music of strip clubs in hell”, or something like that.

Norma Jean

Although a part of the often-cliched metalcore scene, I always had a soft spot for Norma Jean. 2010’s Meridional is one of my favorite albums of this decade and 2013’s Wrongdoers wasn’t too shabby either. The band just got into the studio, so a third strong showing from the boys from Georgia in 6 years, is pretty much in the books, as at this stage of their career, it seems that they can’t put out a less-than-good album.



Deftones’ Diamond Eyes is also one of my favorite albums of this decade and Chino Moreno, their singer, is a super cool dude. He said, for an interview on BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, that the album is very close to completion.

“Well yesterday [November 7] we actually finished the last mix, or at least approved the last mix, so now it’s just time to sequence the songs and master them and we should be done. So aside from artwork still is something that we’re working on, but we’re making progress with that. Album title close, but not all the way there yet, and song titles as well. But that’s usually the stuff that’s the sort of the last stuff to come together. But as far as the music, it’s done, it’s sounding good and we’re excited about it.”

Superjoint (formerly Superjoint Ritual)

Phil Anselmo and his buddies decided that 13 years without a new release is a very long time for Superjoint Ritual, now just Superjoint. The band is in the studio, so prepare yourselves for brand new music coming from the swamps of New Orleans…

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is currently, the biggest alternative metal (whatever this term means) band in the world. Mark Tremonti, the lead guitarist, has recently showed us again, in his solo album Tremonti (2015) that he is a gifted songwriter and of course Myles Kennedy is an awesome singer so they have consistently given us very great hard rock albums and they intend to keep doing that in 2016.

via Metal Hammer Magazine Show:

“We’re gonna go in the studio in January, February and March to finish the fifth Alter Bridge album,” stated the guitarist. “It takes three or four months to set up an album, so after we’ve recorded the Alter Bridge record, me and Myles [Kennedy] will go off and tour for four months doing Tremonti and Slash, then come back for a fall Alter Bridge fiesta.”

— Mark Tremonti

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra

Come on now, everybody loves supergroups. And supergroups, in order to be successful, they have to be consisted of a lot of well-known musicisians. And Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is a supergoup with a handful of them. Ben Weinman (The Dillinger Escape Plan), Brent Hinds (Mastodon), Pete Griffin (Dethklok), Thomas Pridgen (ex-The Mars Volta) and Juliette Lewis (ex-Juliette And The Licks) make up for a very intriguing lineup. The project band members managed their times away from their main bands and finished recording. Even William Duvall from Alice In Chains is involved!


Most albums have an average duration of 45 minutes because conventional wisdom dictates that such albums are easily digestible and more commonly become people’s favorites. Some might argue that keeping the duration down forces bands to do tighter work on their best songs. Mostly gone are the days of 15 song albums, with a run length of more than an hour. I won’t argue for or against that fact, because Tool can do it much better than me. As far as album length goes, when talking about Lateralus, drummer Danny Carey has been quoted as saying “The manufacturer would only guarantee us up to 79 minutes… We thought we’d give them two seconds of breathing room“. Also considering the fact that the guitarist Adam Jones has stated that, currently, they have a pool of 20 potential songs, I think we can be more sure of the fact that the album will be of epic proportions, than the fact it’s going to be released in 2016.

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