POEM – The Great Secret Show

There is a band that always bugged me that they had released only one super awesome album and never managed to do a second one. The follow-up. Kind of like, to build on what they started. It’s been seven years since their debut.

That band is POEM and their debut is The Great Secret Show. According to their website poemband.com, a new album is coming. If they find a record label soon and end up releasing something remotely close to the quality of The Great Secret Show, they deserve to feel unnecessarily left out for the Most Anticipated Metal Albums for 2016. But for now, I just have to remember again what an awesome album their debut was.
I will even do a song-by-song thingy:

Pillow Sickness is a brilliant start for the album. It sets the scene right away. Heavy music, both intelligent and emotional. My attention was already caught by the end of this song, back in 2009.

Eagerly Await and its ethereal melody in the chorus, the dreamy guitar solo and the choral singing gives way to a beautiful prog ballad, Against Me.
After three songs, your mind is full of haunting melodies and a mindfucky but familiar feeling.

Giant is truly a Giant of a song… Every instrument, including the voice is so carefully arranged, I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a masterpiece. At times heavy, groovy, proggy or melodic, but always full-hearted.

And after a necessary passage of trippy sounds, comes Traitor and when an 11-minute song makes me lose sense of time just like 13-minute Shine On You Crazy Diamond does, well, that’s a very good thing. Next is I will put chaos into fourteen lines which was always a favorite track of mine.

But then comes Instinct, which until the middle of it, is a mean, pure modern metal song, reminding equally Godsmack and Muse. After the first half is finished though, the band just shows us how you suppose to mix oriental music, bouzouki and metal, never sacrificing powerful riffs in the name of creativity.

For the final song of the album, POEM left us with their hit song (at least, this is the song I have seen them perform in a TV show), End Of Season, closing a truly great album with a truly great song.

Honestly, I love this album. Over the years, I find myself keep listening to it once in a while. It always moves me. I wish more people, everywhere, knew about them and maybe their following release puts them back in the map.

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