The Truckfighters Playlist

The first time I heard Truckfighters was when tiebreaker told me to check out their first album Gravity X, some years ago, telling me something in the lines of “it’s stoner but nothing like you ‘ve ever heard before”. And boy, it is exactly that.

So, as you can assume, I am particularly excited given that they are going to play live in Volos, Greece, on the Los Almiros Fest 2016! In fact I was so excited, that I did this little playlist, just to get in the mood until August…

Gravity X (2005)

So when I started listening for the first time to the album, I instantly loved and connected with their first two songs Desert Cruiser and Gargarismo . They are both in my personal top 100 songs of all time, so I had to include them. Both powerful songs, they each have true WTF moments of brilliance with two memorable bridges-breaks between choruses coming on 4.13 on the former and on 2.10 of the latter. Strange guitar and bass sounds, heavy and ultra-downtuned madness! Considering we have previously stated that weird instruments in stoner rock are awesome (see: saxophone), Subfloorwith its trumpets giving a more literal meaning to the term desert rock, is also in rotation. Then, Superfunk is a song that in a way describes the sound of Truckfighters and most importantly its vibe. Quite awesome that is.

Phi (2007)

Just imagine Atomic played live in a summer festival. That riff will screamingly invite and definitely receive all of the appropriate, o-o-o-o-o-o, accompanying chants from the crowd. And if Fortyeight‘ s title seems like a tribute to Karma to Burn, the way it starts and the trippy-sounding intro that ends up in a majestic song, remind us how Monster Magnet used to get things done, not so long ago.

Mania (2009)

Coincidentally, Majestic is also a Tool-like track and one of the best songs of this strong 2009 release along with the nostalgic but cathartic Last Curfew, and The New High a typical, quality, very heavy rock, Truckfighter song. The band always managed to slide in very clever and mindfucking melodies and riffs in their songs and in Mania, they combine them with their heaviest music to date. In fact, mindfuck is a word that I think very frequently when I listen to Truckfighters and with every release I seem to enjoy it even more.

Hidden Treasures of Fuzz (2011)

Mexico is a song that based on its title, is about 100.000 km far away from what you should expect from a band from Sweden, right? On reality though, it just knows no countries, only pure, earth-shattering, far-western groove.

Universe (2014)

Mind Control and Dream Sale are beautiful examples of a more proggy attitude from the band which showed us that combining different genres and not sticking to limiting guidelines is their thing and to be honest, they should continue to do so, because that’s what sets them apart from numerous other bands that play a little more straight-forwardly. That and their fucking awesome sound.

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