The Seven Playlist


When Monday comes and a new week begins, it also begins another 5-day period in which you try to act like a productive member of the society, so you naturally need something to pick you up and put you in the right mood. Maybe, a little playlist with seven great songs to get the week started.

Why seven, one might ask. Why seven?

Is it because Se7en is a great movie? Is it because seven were the deathly sins and after all, this a site that has the word metal in its address, or maybe because 7 songs are just the right amount of music for you to drink your morning coffee to and start your day full with music-induced good vibrations.

So we made a playlist out of seven songs, somewhat stylistically different one from each other, based only on whether we really like these songs very very much.

1. Elder – Gemini

There are sometimes, when you hear a song for the first time, it feels like you kind of knew it already. Gemini did that for me and every time since then, whenever I hear this song, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I instantly get in the mood of this truly great song. Elder make their guitars sing beautifully their bittersweet lullabies for one of the most impressive starting tracks of any album recorded, so it had to start our little playlist as well.

2. Soundgarden – Searching With My Good Eye Closed

It’s a fact that Chris Cornell has one of the best voices in rock, and here he uses it to accompany Soundgarden’s trippiest song, a pure heavy rock track.

3. Clutch – Subtle Hustle

Of course, (probably) the best band in the world would definitely be represented here. Clutch in Blast Tyrant were fucking rolling and Subtle Hustle is a true rock’n’roll proof of that.

I Got Your Number.

I Steal Your Thunder.

I Got Your Mother’s Maiden Name Tattooed On My Arm.

It just reeks of badassery and awesomeness…

4. Alter Bridge – Waters Rising

Waters Rising is the first Alter Bridge song to feature the band’s lead guitarist Mark Tremonti on lead vocals and boy does he a good job delivering in his lead-singing debut. It certainly helps though when you have Myles Kennedy who, like Cornell, is one of the best voices in modern rock, doing backup vocals in the chorus.

5. Queens of the Stone Age – Mexicola

Like with Clutch, a lot of QOTSA songs could make any great list. Mexicola makes this one. Med-tempo but ass-kicking, rude but true, it deserves the nod for sure.

6. Nine Inch Nails – You Know What You Are

Trent Reznor + Dave Grohl playing the drums like the drum machine he is = industrial punk craziness!

7. The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Just like everybody knows that the question about who would win in a wrestling match between God and Lemmy, is an invalid question because Lemmy is God, everybody knows that I Wanna Be Your Dog is the Best Fucking Song Of All Time.

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