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Lowrider – Ode To IO

Lowrider's Ode To IO epitomizes pure, unapologetic stoner rock. The band shows their hand early in the album, which is a good thing, because there's hardly anything subtle in their kind of music.


Instant Boner – Outburst

Instant Boner is a great name for a band. Just brilliant! Instant Boner is also a brilliant, "psychedelic Stoner Rock band from Thessaloniki".


POEM – The Great Secret Show

It's always nice when bands that have released only one but super awesome album, decide after some years to do the follow-up. According to their website, POEM are trying to release a new album so we must be reminded again what an awesome album their debut was.


Tuber – Desert Overcrowded

A review of Tuber's second album, Desert Overcrowded. While not exactly oh-shiny new, its awesome enough to warrant a review with a 6 month delay.

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